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By reducing our overheads we have been able to reduce our membership fee from a semi annual fee to an annual fee.

By using standard cloud based software we have been able to make things easier for you on our website, but more important to reduce our overheads significantly.

In fact I am very pleased to announce that as a result of these cost savings we no longer need to charge you a membership fee twice a year but as of the next season you will only need to pay the family membership fee once for the entire school year 2014/2015. In addition we will be able to keep all fees for the 8th consecutive year at the same level with one exception: the KNVB program.

To reflect the increased cost of the professional coaches we use in the KNVB program we have now included what used to be the KNVB membership fee in the price. De facto that means that you pay the same as before for the KNVB program but that you will have to pay the now annual family fee if your family engages in other sports activities as well.
We hope that the reduction in the family fee will make it even more attractive for you to have your kids enjoy ABF throughout the year.

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  1. Frank Westerhof Frank Westerhof

    If a family only has KNVB players, no additional ABF Membership fee is required. If a family has members participating in other sports then the annual membership (60 euro for the entire family) needs to be paid as well.

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